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"When somebody
else's happiness
is your happiness, must be love"

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About "It Must Be Love"

We are Maria and Richard Rowland and we are delighted to be the only husband and wife team in Adelaide, conducting wedding ceremonies together!

Why together you ask? Because we can create seamless ceremonies with all the boxes ticked, so whilst Richard is bantering with the groom and queueing your music (yes... he will play your music at the ceremony so that you don't have to ask a guest to do this), Maria is off chatting to the bride, fluffing her dress and settling any last minute nerves.

We each bring to your ceremony our own personality and style, (Maria the ever-romantic and Richard with his cheeky charm), and the ability to ensure that every step of the ceremony has our full attention,

because we really can be in two places at once!

Oh.... and in case you're wondering....we only charge a single celebrant fee!

(If you ask Richard, he'll have you believe that this is because he doesn't get paid anything!!)

We chose to work together because...well, putting it simply, we still love each other (even after being together forever!), and because we want to provide you with the support you'll need on your day.  And on that note, when it comes to sound quality and music for the ceremony, we have you covered with the provision of two BOSE speakers, two music systems, two microphones...and of course, two Celebrants! 

We are about as authentic as you get and we both share a whole lot of enthusiasm for laughter, love and life. With our combined wealth of life experience, and our philosophy that life should be full of fun, we will take you by the hand and guide you along your wedding journey to create your dream ceremony.


Wedding ceremonies don't need to be dull and boring, in fact it's a great opportunity to set the mood for the rest of your celebration with an energy and a vibe. We are both creative writers and will take your story and make it into your very own rom-com and share it with just the right amount of feels, where your guests will laugh and cry (at all the right moments of course!), and walk away thinking that we have have known you for decades.

With Richard's expert DJ/MC services, we are able to offer the complete package where your party starts from the time your guests arrive at the ceremony, and goes through to midnight

(and yes, he has two more separate sound systems for the Reception too!)

We are proud supporters of marriage equality, we believe that love is love, and welcome all couples with open arms.

Meet Us

Let us be perfect for you

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Her Promise

I have been fortunate to have worked with Richard in the wedding industry for over a decade and was delighted to step away from what has been a supporting role, to become a Marriage Celebrant in 2019.  I am a lover of love and kindness and to have the opportunity to share in your ultimate celebration of love, is such a privilege.
I am warm and friendly, attentive and love to laugh (mainly at my hilarious husband) and I give my promise that we will deliver a fun and engaging ceremony to reflect your vision and values.
I won’t ever take for granted just how fortunate I am to be entrusted with such a significant and  rewarding role and for being invited to share in such a personal moment of our clients lives.

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His Promise

I have had the pleasure of working in the wedding industry for over twenty years as both a DJ and an MC.  During this time I have aspired to be the best at what I do. As a result I have won the Australian Bridal Industry Awards for both “Best Wedding DJ”  and “Best Wedding MC” of the year.

With this determination and the same ethos as a professional Marriage Celebrant, I will to listen to your dreams and work with you to create a fun ceremony that is not only personal, but interactive with your guests.

I take enormous pride in knowing that we have helped you create your dream wedding ceremony, one that your guests will talk about for many years to come.

We really strive to deliver warm and caring interactions with our clients from the very first enquiry, because we want you to feel comfortable around us. We are often told that our meetings are like catching up with old friends! We also understand that people are busy, so our focus is to make ourselves available for meetings and phone calls and to reply promptly to enquiries, because you are a priority to us!

Our Promise

We will hold your hand throughout your wedding journey and assist you through all of the legalities and ceremony planning processes, working with your requests, to ensure that your wedding day is completely tailored to you.

We believe in connecting with your guests and creating an energy from the very beginning of your ceremony.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly so that you can enjoy every moment, without needing to think of anything, apart from the beautiful person standing opposite you as you say "I do".

You can be confident that we will provide the best possible service to you by:

  • Creating a personalised wedding ceremony.

  • Taking care of all of the legalities.

  • Inviting you to a ceremony planning session

  • Providing you with access to our resources (poems/readings, tips on how to write personal vows, sample vows, music suggestions.... and lots more).

  • Providing you with tips for practising the bridal party entrance, ring exchange

  • Offering private and comfortable facilities to meet to discuss your needs.      

  • Maintaining open communication by being available, from the very first meeting through to your wedding day either via email, telephone or in person.

  • Ensuring that our personal presentation is of an exceptional standard for the ceremony, that we complement the wedding party and reflect your dress code.

  • Ensuring that nothing goes wrong on your day by bringing double the electronic equipment that we really need.






What are our beautiful couples saying - you can head to our social pages to read more...


Maria and Richard became like a part of our family in the lead up to the ceremony. They are so beautiful. We felt so relaxed and everyone complimented us on how amazing our ceremony was, how real it was. I seriously couldn't picture our day without them in it, they made our day special.

Sara and Damon


My husband and I are so grateful to have had Maria and Richard to marry us! They are both such kind-hearted, genuine people with an obvious passion for what they do. The way they bounce off each other, Richard's humour and Maria's expertise and warm smile, are second to none. Two beautiful people who are incredibly talented at what they do!

Kara and Declan


Richard and Maria were outstanding from the very first point of contact. Richard was hilarious, compassionate and heartwarming and Maria was loving, kind, warm and vibrant. The whole process was a a breeze, the ceremony was absolutely perfect. Richard and Maria went above every expectation to bring us a day that we will always remember.

Corrie and Scott

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Maria 0413 584 277 - Richard 0418 813 309

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